I honestly can’t believe that summer is just a few weeks away! I’m definitely looking forward to it. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE summertime!

With summer comes so many great things, but one of my favorite things to do is sunbathe! There’s just something about lying out (preferably by a lake or river) and soaking up those sunrays. It’s such a pleasant and relaxing way to enjoy a beautiful summer day (and get my vitamin D too!). Can’t wait!

This is the time of year that people start thinking about getting “bikini ready.” Which is understandable. We all want to look good in our little bikinis. One thing I would like to suggest is to start thinking about how you can create a lifestyle that will help you stay bikini ready year-round.

It’s not impossible to stay bikini ready year-round, and you can do it. It will take time, effort, and discipline, but once you establish a healthy and sustainable approach to maintaining a bikini body year-round, you’ll actually find it to be enjoyable.

Consider the time and effort that you put into getting ready for tiny bikinis and summer clothing, year after year. Why not do yourself a favor and maintain your “bikini body” throughout the year?

The 6 bikini ready tips provided in this post are meant to compliment two simple, but important principles.

  1. Eating Sensibly – Please understand that everyone’s nutritional needs are a little different, but I always encourage a diet centered on organic whole foods including a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fat sources like raw coconut oil, hemp seed oil, avocados, nuts, and seeds. Eating more plant-based sources of proteins, and adding in nutrient dense foods like sea vegetables, superfoods, and superherbs. Limiting the amount of sugar (any kind) you consume is also very important for optimal health and a lean body. And, of course, hydrating your body with the right types of liquids (high quality water, herbal teas, etc.)
  2. Exercising Regularly – You have to make the time to exercise. No excuses. It must be a priority in your life. There are numerous health benefits associated with exercise. And, there’s no way around it if you want a lean sexy bikini body year-round.

Both of these areas are critical to your success, but in my opinion, there really needs to be an emphasis on eating sensibly A poor diet can and will sabotage your bikini body!

Your nutrition has to be on point!

I would also like to address the fact that, yes, there are superficial benefits to having a bikini body, but really a lean body promotes and supports optimal health. Which is the ultimate goal … living a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some tips to help you stay bikini ready year-round!

6 Tips to Keep You Bikini Ready Year Round - Sophisticated Booty

6 Tips to Keep You Bikini Ready Year-Round

1. Turmeric. This superherb is responsible for the yellow color in curry. There is a compound found in turmeric called curcumin. Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant with many health benefits. One study found that curcumin is effective  at reducing the formation of fat tissue. It’s also an excellent anti-inflammatory.

  • Ways to Eat/Drink Turmeric:
  • Add Curry Powder to Your Foods. Makes a great addition to soups, salad dressings, marinades, dips, beans, vegetable dishes, etc.
  • Try this Golden Turmeric Milk.

2. Coconut Oil & Coconut Products. There are so many health benefits associated with coconut oil and coconut products. Coconut oil boosts your metabolism and promotes fat burring. Add a couple tablespoons of coconut oil to your daily diet. This can easily be done by substituting coconut oil for anything that you would normally use butter for. Using coconut milk is another way to benefit from this weight loss promoting fat.

  • Nutrition Tip
  • Eating healthy fats with vegetables helps with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, & K. Coconut oil & coconut products are an excellent fat source.
  • Ways to Eat Coconut Oil & Coconut Products:
  • Add Coconut Oil to Smoothies & Shakes.
  • Spread Coconut Oil on Toast.
  • Drizzle Melted Coconut Oil over Raw and/or Lightly Steamed Vegetables & Season with Herbs & Sea Salt.
  • Use Coconut Milk (Unsweetened) in Smoothies, Coffee & Tea.
  • Use Coconut Milk (Unsweetened) with Cereal.
  • Sprinkle Shredded Coconut Flakes (Unsweetened) on Salads & Smoothies.

3. Celery. Celery is one of the few vegetables that I don’t like. I’ll still eat it, but it’s not something that I buy regularly. This is going to change though. Celery is a great vegetable to include into your diet. It’s very hydrating, high in fiber, and many people have found it to be helpful for weight loss and management.

4. Sea Vegetables. Including plant based iodine food sources provide a wealth of nutritional value to your diet, and support weight loss. Iodine from sources like sea vegetables stimulate the production of certain hormones that keep you slim. Iodine is essential for a healthy functioning thyroid gland, which has a regulatory affect on the metabolism.

  • Ways to Eat Sea Vegetables:
  • Make Nori Rolls. Take a sheet of nori and roll it up with a combination of your favorite raw vegetables. Dip into a sauce of your choice, and enjoy!
  • Seaweeds Combine Great with Avocados, Shitake Mushrooms, Cucumbers & Coconuts.
  • Add to Soups & Salads.

5. Yerba Mate Tea. I recently wrote a post about using Yerba Mate Tea as a fat burring pre-workout drink. I’ve found this herbal tea to be very effective for maintaining a lean physique.

  • Ways to Drink Yerba Mate Tea:
  • Yerba Mate Lemonade. Substitute water for chilled Yerba Mate Tea in your favorite lemonade recipe.
  • Make Tea.

6. Chickweed. I haven’t personally used this plant for weight loss, but it has been shown to help reduce unwanted body fat. It’s also a mild diuretic and laxative.

I hope you find these tips helpful!

Best of Health,

P.S. Where’s your favorite place to shop for bikinis?! Please comment below 🙂

*Information and statements regarding Nutrition, a Raw Food Diet, and  Superfoods have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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