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Hi, I’m Shahné! Welcome to Sophisticated Booty! A place for you to get the resources, tools, motivation, and support you need to reach your personal health and fitness goals.

In sharing what I’ve learned, and continue to learn (in the field of nutrition, health, and fitness), along with my own tips, opinions, and experiences, I hope to inspire and empower you. [Please read Terms of Use].

In addition to being a raw food nutritionist, I am a life long student! I’ve taken college level courses in anatomy and physiology, microbiology, biology, and chemistry. I’m continuously learning new things, as I read books, articles, magazines, information on the internet (from reputable sources), watch documentaries, and take classes.

It’s my belief, that if you truly desire optimal health, then you must make it your personal responsibility to be health conscious. Meaning, it’s up to you to educate yourself and stay informed about nutrition, health, fitness, and related topics.

Being informed will help you to create a healthy lifestyle that best compliments your personal needs and unique situation.

And, by making simple adjustments, you can optimize your health, and improve the quality of your life in every way imaginable!

We all deserve to live a long healthy bootyful life, filled with joy, and happiness.

What are you waiting for? Let’s do it together!

Feel free to drop me a line or two. I’d love to meet you! Tell me what your goals are, or just say hi.

Best of Health,


Email: shahne@sophisticatedbooty.com







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