Over the years, I’ve found that the more I plan and prepare my meals for the week, the easier it is to establish healthy eating habits for long term weight loss and management.

After I plan my meals for the week, I put together a grocery list. I like to go through my kitchen pantry, refrigerator, and freezer to see what I have, and what I need. This will save you time from having to run back and forth to the market.

Weight Loss Tip Always Plan Ahead - Sophisticated Booty

In addition to this, I highly recommend throwing out any processed, canned, or packaged foods. A whole food diet is always best. You’ll notice that the more naturally you eat, the easier it will be to lose weight (and keep it off)!

I also find it helpful to keep a note pad in the kitchen, so I can jot down things I’m running low on, or I’ve used the last of, so I can remember to get more on my next shopping trip.

I’ll also do things like…

Make a giant bowl of green salad to last a couple of days.

Make enough dinner, so there are leftovers for lunch or dinner for the next day or two.

Have healthy snacks on hand that are ready to eat such as fresh vegetables, fruits (especially berries and grapefruits), homemade trail mix, homemade protein bars, etc.

Cook a large pot of beans, so I can use them for burritos, dips, add then to salads, etc.

When it comes to weight loss and management, a well stocked, organized kitchen is key. So, plan ahead and you will reach your weight loss goals!

To a Slimmer You!


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