Spring is in the air! And this is a great time to thoroughly clean your home.

But wait … Before you get started, have you ever thought about the the kinds of ingredients that are in the cleaning products you use?

Could they potentially pose a threat to your health? Definitely things to consider … Right?

I think many of us are under the false assumption that we have to use heavy-duty commercial cleaning products (loaded with toxic chemical ingredients), in order to keep our homes clean and free of germs.

Fortunately, this is not the case! And good thing, because we are constantly being exposed to all kinds of hazardous materials, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, toxins, nuclear debris, etc. that are polluting the quality of our air, water, food, and environment.

The last thing we should be doing is polluting our homes with toxic chemicals.

I’ve found that we can actually make our homes a healthier, and much safer place by getting rid of potentially harmful, toxic chemical cleaning products, and using natural, non-toxic solutions, instead.

You can buy such cleaning products, but I like to make my own homemade herbal cleaning formulas. I think it’s a fun, simple, and cost effective way to create a naturally clean home, safe for children, and pet friendly too!

It’s also a great way to contribute to a cleaner environment!

Spring Cleaning D.I.Y. Cleaners for a Non Toxic-Home - Sophisticated Booty

Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning Checklist:

The great thing is you probably have most of these items already!

Baking Soda – non-toxic abrasive, cuts through oil and grease, and absorbs odors.

White Distilled Vinegar – a disinfectant, deodorizing, mold-inhibiting, and cuts oil and grease.

Washing Soda – cuts grease and removes stains.

Borax – a disinfectant, deodorizing, removes stains, mold inhibiting, and kills cockroaches and ants. Breaks down easily in the environment.

Lemon Juice – a mild bleach, stain remover, mold inhibiting, and a deodorizer.

Salt – mild abrasive and disinfectant.

Essential Oils – the majority are antiseptic and antibacterial, and smell good too.

My favorite essential oils for cleaning are lemon, orange, lavender, and peppermint.

Below I have some great formulas for various household cleaners. Give them a try, or use them as a guide to create your own cleaning formulas!

D.I.Y. Eco-Friendly Household Cleaners:

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

1 cup borax

10-12 drops lemon essential oil

Use ¼ cup in toilet bowl. Flush toilet. Sprinkle Toilet Bowl Cleaner inside bowl. Let stand for 30 minutes or overnight. Scrub with toilet brush.

Anti Bacterial Soap Concentrate 

This recipe comes from the book, The Cure for all Cancers, by Hulda Clark. I like to have a bottle of this formula in the kitchen and bathroom.



In a half gallon glass jar or jug, pour the borax powder to fill to a depth of 1/2 an inch. Fill to the top with water and shake a few times. Let settle. Pour off clear part into dispenser bottles.


2 gallons warm water

1 cup white distilled vinegar

10-12 drops peppermint essential oil (optional)

In a bucket, add water, vinegar, and essential oils. Stir with mop. Ring out mop, so it’s damp. Wash floor.

Windows & Mirrors

1 cup water

1 cup white distilled vinegar

7 drops lemon essential oil (optional)

Add to a spray bottle. Shake well. Spray on windows and mirrors. Wipe clean with a cloth rag.

Dusting Cloth

1 cup hot water

2 tablespoons olive oil

6 drops lemon essential oil

4 drops lavender essential oil

In a small bowl, whisk all ingredients together. Dip clean cotton rags into the mixture.  Wring them out and hang dry. Store in an air tight container. Use them for dusting. When rags get dirty, wash and repeat dipping and drying  process.

Laundry Detergent

2 cups borax

6 drops orange essential oil

6 drops lemon essential oil

Mix ingredients well. Use ½ cup per load of laundry.

Air Freshener Spray

Many commercial air fresheners are loaded with chemicals and artificial fragrances that simply mask odors. Essential oils are amazing because they actually neutralize odors.

12 drops of your favorite essential oil, or blend of essential oils

2 1/2 cups water

Add ingredients to a spray bottle. Use fine spray. Shake before use. Spray into air.

Carpet Deodorizer

This recipe is really great for eliminating and neutralizing funky pet odors.

2 cups baking soda

5 drops lavender essential oil

4 drops lemon essential oil

Mix ingredients well. Sprinkle on carpet. Leave for at least 1 hour, or overnight. Vacuum thoroughly.

 Tip: I like to use a broom and sweep the mixture into the carpet before vacuuming.

Do you have any non-toxic house cleaning recipes or ideas you’d like to add? Please do!

Happy Chemical Free Cleaning!


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