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Coconut Oil for a Healthy Thyroid - Sophisticated Booty

There are many people dealing with thyroid conditions these days. And, whether or not you’re one of these people, a healthy functioning thyroid is something we all want … trust me! Read More »

20 Doctor Recommended Foods for Banishing Cellulite - Sophisticated Booty

I think, as women, we tend to be very self critical about the way we look. And, there are many reasons for this, which I’m not going to get into in this post. Read More »

13 Easy Ways to Make Exercise a Part of Your Lifestyle - Sophisticated Booty

It seems like there’s never enough time in a day to get everything done. We rush out the door first thing in the morning, and when we get home we are exhausted. Read More »

Best Anti Aging Essential Oils for a Younger Looking Face - Sophisticated Booty

You don’t have to use toxic chemical face creams, serums, scrubs, masks, or go as far as plastic surgery to obtain a youthful, wrinkle-free face. Read More »

Naturally Melt Fat Away with this Homemade Weight Loss Drink - Sophisticated Booty

If you’re looking for an all natural, easy, and effective way to lose a few pounds, then this is just the drink for you. Read More »

Healthy Homemade Granola Nutty Cinnamon Honey - Sophisticated Booty

Personally, I like to make my own homemade granola. I use wholesome ingredients, like organic rolled oats, honey, Read More »

How To Make Tasty Sun Dried Tomatoes - Sophisticated Booty

Last year, I went kind of tomato crazy. It was the first year that I started my own seeds for my vegetable garden, and I got a little carried away! I probably had 12 to 14 tomato plants! Read More »

Is Your Lipstick Poisoning You? - Sophisticated Booty

Is Your Lipstick Poisoning You?

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I’m definitely not the type of girl that puts makeup on everyday, but when I do wear it, I always finish my look with a touch of lipstick. In my book, it’s a must!

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Super Charge Your Diet with Sprouts - Sophisticated Booty

Super Charge Your Diet with Sprouts

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A great way to add a ton of nutritional value to your diet is by eating a variety of sprouts.

There are so many to choose from, that you’ll definitely be able to find a couple you really like. Read More »

Spring Cleaning D.I.Y. Cleaners for a Non Toxic-Home - Sophisticated Booty

Spring is in the air! And this is a great time to thoroughly clean your home.

But wait … Before you get started, have you ever thought about the the kinds of ingredients that are in the cleaning products you use?

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