Last year, I went kind of tomato crazy. It was the first year that I started my own seeds for my vegetable garden, and I got a little carried away! I probably had 12 to 14 tomato plants!

This year, I’m behind on planting my garden. But fortunately, my mother-in-law gave me some tomato starts. I’m super excited … I can’t wait to start harvesting them!

I’m really getting into this whole gardening thing. It’s so amazing that a tiny little seed (like a tomato seed) can grow into a beautiful plant that produces healthy, nutritious food.

And to be involved in such a process is truly wonderful. I definitely think that growing your own food is therapeutic. Being outdoors, playing in the dirt, and picking up some of those lovely plant energies … I really think it’s healing for the mind, body, and spirit.

But anyway, I harvested pounds and pounds of tomatoes from my garden last summer. My husband and I made a ton of fresh salsa. Absolutely amazing by the way! If you’ve never had salsa made with fresh homegrown tomatoes … it will make your taste buds explode!

As tomato season came to an end, I decided to make “sun” dried tomatoes with the rest of the tomatoes I had coming out of the garden.

I used my handy dandy food dehydrator to make them. It was a very simple process, and they turned out super tasty!

  • Health Benefits of Tomatoes
  • High in lycopene – super powerful antioxidant.
  • Reduce cancer risks (notably breast and prostate).
  • Protection from chronic diseases because lycopene reduces oxidative stress.
  • High in potassium – making it great for the heart.
  • May support healthy liver function.

Did you know dehydration is one of the best preservation methods for retaining nutritional content and the enzymes present in raw food?

The other day, I threw a few of them into a Mediterranean style salad I made, and it was awesome.

I can honestly say that these are the best “sun” dried tomatoes I’ve ever had … no joke

Not only are they intensely sweet in flavor and taste, but because they were dehydrated at such a low temperature much of the nutritional value is still there. Dehydrating is an excellent way to preserve fresh produce, in general. It retains a lot of the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Plus, it preserves the taste.

You know that funky taste and smell food picks up while in the freezer? Not an issue with dehydrated food. They have a clean taste and pleasant aroma. Plus, freezing destroys enzymes!

I found that making your own “sun” dried tomatoes is the perfect solution for preserving and storing a surplus of tomatoes. And, all you have to do to make them, is wash and slice the tomatoes, and fill up the trays of your food dehydrator.

Try “Sun” Dried Tomatoes …

In Salads & Soups

In a Salad Dressing

On Sandwiches & Wraps

In Dips & Spreads

On Pizza

In Pasta Dishes

Recipe: “Sun” Dried Tomatoes (Dehydrator Method)

How To Make Tasty Sun Dried Tomatoes - Sophisticated Booty


  • A bunch of tomatoes


  • Wash and slice tomatoes 1/4 to 1/2 inch in thickness.
  • Arrange in a single layer onto each dehydrator tray.
  • Dehydrate tomatoes at 105 degrees F (Temperatures above 118 degrees destroys enzymes and reduces nutrient content) for 24 hours, or until leathery.


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